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Oversized Porsche Engine Conversions

If your M96/7 engine needs a rebuild, or you want to avoid future damage, or you just want more performance – an oversized rebuild from Hartech is the perfect choice.

Unlike most “tuning” that usually provides a relatively small benefit in a narrow area of the power band – an oversized rebuild will provide more torque, power and drivability throughout the whole rev range without needing to rev the engine to maximum revs all the time. Using Nikasil cylinder technology (as used in the ultra reliable GT3 and Turbo versions), Hartech Nikasil alloy cylinders eliminate the weaknesses in the standard Lokasil and piston coating combination and with larger IMS bearings available for all models, special pistons developed by F1 suppliers and with several years testing and development, the conversions provide the perfect route to increased performance, reliability and satisfaction.

Hartech built engines (with the same basic design technology but fully complying with the standard regulations) won the BRSCC Boxster Championship and class 1 & 2 (and overall Championship) of the Porsche club Championship (2017 & 2018) also taking the first 3 places in class 1 (2018) all completing a full season at the front and with 100% reliability. Different examples of the present oversized engines have been independently tested with positive feedback by 911 & Porsche World (Nov 2018 issue) and private owners alike.

For those interested in the technical reasons why an oversized engine can provide such benefits in performance, report covering all aspects of tuning, torque, BHP, gear ratios, design and performance will be available in January 2019 and can be e-mailed directly to interested parties - please contact us directly for further information.

We also currently have examples available for road test (by appointment only) by interested parties who already own a suitable donor model. In the interests of public safety (and to comply with our insurance cover) tests will have to be accompanied, conducted locally, within local speed limits and intended to demonstrate the improved driveability, flexibility and potential performance while driving, with due regard to other road users and under the strict instructions of our staff.

Conversions are currently available for the following Porsche engines;

  • Porsche 996 3.4 to 3.7
  • Porsche 996/7 3.6 to 3.9
  • Cayman S 3.4 to 3.9
  • Porsche 997 3.8 to 3.9

Further models currently under development are the Boxster S 3.2 to 3.7 (currently running very well indeed and awaiting a re-map) and a 997 Gen 2  3.6 to 4.0 coming on line in Q2 2019.


911 & Porsche World Feature: Water Power

Hartech are proud to have an article published in the latest edition of 911 & Porsche World magazine covering our over-sized engine kits - click the image below to read the full article or contact us for more info.

water power

911 & Porsche World Feature: Torque Talk

Hartech have another article published in the latest edition of 911 & Porsche World magazine with some intersting information on torque - click the image below to read the full article.

Torque Talk

Oversized M96/97 engines

Hartech are pleased to announce that we are very close to releasing our oversized M96/97 engines.

Please contact us for more information and pre-ordering.

BRSCC Porsche championship

Hartech have been chosen as engineering partners for BRSCC Porsche championship.

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Hartech is installing a rolling road and engine dynamometer.

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