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About us

Hartech are a privately owned family business that started trading in 1984, specialising in high quality Porsche services - we have been on the web since 1997. Our reputation is second to none because we put our customers needs first and keep running costs as low as possible. Our large, well-equipped factory, combines modern facilities and equipment with traditional engineering skills and low overheads, providing the highest standards of care at modest prices. This combination improves reliability and reduces running costs to help you to afford and thus enjoy your Porsche experience.

CUSTOMER CARS - "STANDARD" service schedules are available for cars under 10 years old and follow the appropriate Porsche Main Dealer service list (with some additions) at a lower cost. Average Porsche's 3-10 years old (depending upon annual mileage etc) may prove more reliable, less expensive and drive better, if they upgrade to our more comprehensive "Gold" service schedule (comparable to many competitors "standard" services prices) offering excellent value for money (and peace of mind) and providing eligibility for our "Lifetime Maintenance Plan". No such choice is offered for Porsche's over 10 years old as they can only be looked after properly with our "GOLD" service provisions (which includes so many discounts for common replacements it can often be cheaper than a standard service elsewhere). Experience has proven that this approach reduces running costs (by protecting the car from more expensive age and mileage related failures) while enhancing driving pleasure and preserving resale quality.

A CHANGING WORLD - the Internet is providing customers with more choices and price comparisons. Unfortunately this also enables those that cut corners to make more profit and reinvest in expensive advertising to attract new business, while the cars they skimp on suffer the consequences months or years later. Our low cost maintenance plan is only viable because our work is so thorough and finds imminent problems before it is too late, while offering cover for as long as you own the car demonstrates the long-term customer commitment we make and our confidence in the quality and thoroughness of our workmanship.

IN CONCLUSION - you will find it hard to beat the mix of superb workmanship, affordable prices and overall quality of care provided by Hartech. We are down to earth, approachable and pleasant to deal with as we do our best to cater for our customers needs and the proper maintenance of their cars. Our services reflect the changing needs of their car as they age and our Maintenance Plan prices stay the same regardless of age or mileage covered - something no competitor has had the confidence to offer or match.

You can trust us to "CARE FOR YOUR PORSCHE".