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Our History

Hartech Automotive was established in 1988 in Bolton

We started off in small unit on the outskirts of Bolton, with no idea if there was a demand for Porsche servicing outside of the main dealer network - the rest is history!



Hartech took it's first step into the world of the internet!

It was 1998 and we knew that establishing a web presence would lead to more business etc.

Hartech moved to a larger premises

The business grew so quickly we were forced to expand our operations and we moved to a larger premises.

Hartech introduced it's popular Lifetime Maintenance Plan

 We launched the LMP in 2005 and it was an immediate success. Older Porsches can sometimes require expensive repairs and this plan provides a way of managing these costs.

Hartech starts selling it's engine conversions

After several successful seasons sponsoring a Porsche Boxster racing in the xxyy championship, we realised that there was an opportunity to sell engine conversions etc.