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Rebuild T&C's

Standard Guarantee / Warranty:
Subject to proper maintenance & care and for normal road use following procedures set out below: (For clarification, engines used for racing & extreme track use aren’t covered).

New parts are guaranteed against failure for the duration of the manufacturer’s warranty which is 24000 miles/24 months for gaskets/seals (for a gasket/seal to have failed it must be what Hartech deem to be significant), timing chains & guide rails, crank shaft bearings, latest design intermediate shaft & bearing, Porsche supplied pistons (subject to Porsche stipulations), Hartech cylinders, Hartech intermediate shaft spindle, Hartech duplex intermediate shaft conversions & other Porsche supplied parts, & 12000 miles/12 months (whichever sooner) for any aftermarket pistons. New intermediate shaft bearings of the earlier smaller designs & used parts are not guaranteed.

The guarantee does not extend to the original customers parts re-used including future issues with cylinder heads (cracking, valve seats becoming loose, valve failure etc), issues with the original manufacturers cylinders (& for clarification Hartech cylinders are guaranteed & a strengthened original cylinder is guaranteed against cracking unless as a result of another failure having a knock-on effect such as a foreign body entering the combustion chamber), etc. In the event of a claim for a faulty component supplied by Porsche we reserve the right to follow Porsche’s claim procedures at the time and the restrictions they may enforce. In the event of them declining the claim we reserve the right to decline in turn and that decision is final.

All Hartech’s labour is guaranteed for 24 months/24000 miles (whichever first).

Faults caused by track & competition use, incorrect fitting (if not fitted by Hartech), over-heating, neglect & abuse are excluded. The “running in” must not be carried out using a low friction oil & the running in guidance must be observed followed by an oil & filter change using Millers Nanodrive CFS 10w50 NT and the car serviced as per the Porsche service schedule by a competent approved specialist/engineer using genuine Porsche parts or OEM parts of their equivalent quality. Documentary evidence of oil changes & servicing will be needed to support a claim (and in the event of an engine re-build which Hartech didn’t subsequently fit – acceptable documentary evidence must be provided of the mileage at fitting.) In the event of a claim oil will be analyzed to ensure the correct oil has been used.

We will only consider claims under our engine guarantee if we are contacted before any investigation/work is carried out. We may require the whole car complete with engine fitted to be returned to us at the cost of the owner/garage until the cause of the fault is identified by us. When it is the customer/representatives are free to inspect the results and this work will be fully carried out without charge by us if it was our responsibility, but if not a charge to rectify the fault not caused by us will be charged at a fair & reasonable rate. We do not cover the charges levied by other parties. We do not cover costs in returning or delivering engines/vehicles to and from Hartech even in the event of a successful claim.

For a claim to be valid the fault must be caused by a guaranteed component/defective workmanship rather than a guaranteed component being damaged as a knock-on effect of the failure of a non-guaranteed component.

For a claim to be valid Hartech must agree that a fault is present and Hartech’s opinion is final.

In view of the engines age, components may have stress relieved and the position of components may consequently be slightly different than when new. This, combined with features of both the original engine design & seals/gaskets etc. on very rare occasion may lead to difficulties in sealing. Hartech will try their best to resolve this but unless customers are prepared to replace further components with new units Hartech cannot be held responsible for oil weeps unless caused by defective workmanship or faulty components that Hartech have supplied. Hartech’s decision in this regard is final.

In the event of a noise which isn’t affecting function or reliability, Hartech’s opinion of whether further action is needed is final.

We draw your attention to any declined recommendations – these are made for good reasons and if a problem emerges in an area where we have recommended action which was declined we accept no responsibility whatsoever nor are we liable for any consequences. Examples include declining cylinder head overhauls to find a problem emerges with a badly seated valve, declining further cylinders to find future scoring to the original manufacturers cylinders, declining new timing chains to find one snaps or stretches, etc.

We do not undertake liability/compatibility responsibilities of aftermarket products requested by customers (even if supplied by Hartech for convenience) such as and not limited to performance exhaust, clutches, flywheels etc.

For engines which Hartech haven’t fitted, at the time of fitting we must be notified of the mileage, number of operating hours and stored over-revs recorded in the DME. Failure to do so may affect the success of a claim.

Other points To Note:
The oil filter should be replaced after the first 50-100 miles and will usually contain a small build up of debris including a small amount of surplus brown/orange sealant. (For engines fitted by Hartech this is done by us before you take delivery of the car so no action is needed).

High Octane fuel must be used (Porsche specify a minimum of 98 RON – Shell V Power is the best readily available at 99 RON).

A Nikasil plated cylinder is extremely durable and is cross hatched which gives excellent oil retention & low wear but as a result you may experience slightly higher oil consumption.

A brief puff of oil smoke on startup in itself is not of concern.

A running period of around 100 hours (which is generally 2000-3000 miles in normal UK driving) is needed where the new components (particularly the cylinders & piston rings where applicable) need to bed in. This isn’t an exact science and the theoretical “best way” isn’t viable for most owners driving on the public roads in real world circumstances. However, we suggest that drivers should encourage a degree of engine wear by driving spiritedly whilst avoiding over-aggressive driving. Once properly warmed up drivers shouldn’t be too gentle and laboring the engine should be avoided (such as driving up a steep hill in too high a gear) and the load and revs should be varied. Don’t restrict revving the engine during this period. Long periods of tick over should be avoided. Long journeys are encouraged and frequent short journeys should be minimized where possible. We’ll happily chat through this over the phone (01204 302809 option 1).

We initially use a basic oil to help the running in procedure but then switch to Millers Nanodrive CFS 10w50 NT+ after the running period has been completed.

IMPORTANT - For engines which are fitted elsewhere IT IS ABSOLUTELY CRITICAL THAT THE INLET & EXHAUST SYSTEM IS PROPERLY STRIPPED DOWN AND THOROUGHLY CLEANED. There have been incidences where another garage has fitted the entire inlet system without stripping and cleaning internally and pieces of debris found their way back into the engine and caused damage and it is very easy to miss pieces of debris and pockets of oil, particularly following a component failure such as a crank or intermediate shaft bearing, valve seat issue etc. and this debris could find its way into the engine. The oil/air separator should be replaced and all pipes must be properly cleaned or replaced. We obviously cannot accept liability for damage caused by a foreign body entering the engine.