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Lifetime Maintenance Plan

The Hartech Lifetime Maintenance Plan is is essentially a modest monthly payment that covers future servicing charges in full, an annual MOT and the labour for most repairs (including wear and tear items). Sales cars are automatically eligible for the plan (and receive a free period of initial cover). Customer cars first go through our "Gold Major" acceptance service, generating a report outlining any work necessary for the Plan to apply (or that can be excluded from the plan).

This plan only works because the quality of Hartech's preventative maintenance avoids small initial problems from escalating into more expensive ones. It enables a modest monthly payment to spread the cost of regular services and reduces the cost of any necessary repairs to the parts (or sub contract) costs ensuring that whatever happens the customer never gets such a huge bill as they would from any other source. There are no sneaky get out clauses nor does the Plan end just as age or mileage increases wear or failure rates. We know of no other provider who backs up their own capabilities with such an unequivocal demonstration of their own ability to minimise Porsche running costs (or have to pay towards the failures themselves) - which is in itself probably the most reliable recommendation you could ever get.

Maintenance Plan Monthly Charges (as at Jul 2016)*

Prices for Hartech sales cars (i.e. sold to current owner by Hartech)

Porsche Model Upto 3K Miles p.a. Upto 10K Miles p.a. Upto 20K Miles p.a. Upto 30K Miles p.a.
996/997/Boxster/Cayman £48 £66 £107 £150

Prices for non-Hartech sales cars (i.e. not sold to the current owner by us)

Porsche Model Upto 3K Miles p.a. Upto 10K Miles p.a. Upto 20K Miles p.a. Upto 30K Miles p.a.
996/997/Boxster/Cayman £60 £86 £133 £18

Claims against other warranties are often refused on the grounds that "the car was OK for 'X' years or miles and therefore the failure is caused by wear and tear and is excluded" (to the huge disappointment of the buyer). Not only does the Hartech scheme include such items but (unlike other schemes) it is never cancelled or discriminated against due to age, mileage, number of claims or the cost of claims and has no claims limit. So when a clutch or brakes wear out we just charge for the parts and do all the work free - including (if ever needed) most engine and gearbox rebuilds etc. Many jobs are labour only and are therefore entirely free.

This Plan has been so successful that we enjoy repeat/continuous business from a large number of very satisfied customers and have never refused a claim nor had an associated cancellation - we just adopt the attitude that if it needs fixing - its covered and get on with it as soon as we can.
*Prices subject to change. VAT to be added to all prices. Please refer to our LMP Terms & Conditions.