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Fixed Price Servicing

We have a 9 ramp workshop with the latest regularly updated dealer level diagnostics (with full support enabling us to keep up-to-date with new developments), 4 wheel laser alignment (dealer level Beisbarth system) & a team of dealer & independently trained technicians. We offer 2 levels of servicing – dealer level “standard” and our more comprehensive “Gold” schedule.

Standard Servicing Fixed Prices (as at July 2016)*

Dealer Level “Standard Servicing” strictly follows the Porsche schedules so are limited in scope - we ask customers to read through them to ensure the level of work meets their expectations (they can be found in service books). In our opinion they are more suited to newer cars and we recommend a more thorough approach as the car gets older.

Model Minor Service Major Service Brake Fluid Spark Plugs
986/Boxster £235 £350 £70 £80
987/Cayman £250 £400 £70 £80
996 £235 £350 £70 £80
997 £250 £400 £70 £80
996 Turbo/GT2 £235 £750* £70 *Incl. in major
996 GT3 £235 £750* £70 *Incl. in major
Model 12K Service Brake Fluid
944 £310 £70
944S/S2 £330 £70
944 Turbo £350 £70
968 £330 £70
Model 12K Service 24K Service Brake Fluid
911 (76-89) £450 N/A £70
964 £560 £595 £70
993 £350 £575 £70

Gold Servicing Fixed Prices (as at July 2016)*

Our “Gold Servicing” is much more thorough and in depth and follows a more “traditional garage” approach. The Gold schedules cover everything on the Porsche dealer schedule plus a lot more. The “Gold Major” is particularly suited to a car which an owner may have just bought and is having properly checked over for the first time (covering things such as cylinder borescope, compression & wheel alignment checks etc).

Model Minor Service Major Service Brake Fluid
986/Boxster £300 £595 £70
987/Cayman £300 £650 £70
996 £300 £595 £70
997 £300 £650 £70
996 Turbo/GT2 £300 £895 £70
996 GT3 £300 £795 £70
Model 12K Service Timing Belt (with Service) Brake Fluid
944 £450 £780 £70
944S/S2 £580 £97 £70
944 Turbo £550 £78 £70
968 £580 £97 £70
Model Major Service Brake Fluid
911 (76-89) £570 £70
964 £775 £70
993 £750 £70

To help customers make informed choices, Hartech operate a Fixed Price Service Menu for services and common replacements - this enables customers to pay a price they can rely upon in advance, but does not in itself demonstrate the excellent value for money or quality and thoroughness of workmanship, provided, because the care and attention taken is the very best available. It should therefore be the most expensive but because of the low overhead structure and efficient management systems, prices are very competitive providing the highest possible quality for the average market price.

Please ensure you have read our service terms and conditions for further information.

Please note that due to the on-going success and repeat business resulting, it is often necessary to book several weeks in advance (especially if an MOT is looming).

We have teamed up with a national car hire firm to offer a special unlimited mileage rate of £15 + VAT per day including insurance. If you would like to use this facility please let us know when you book your car in.

You may also be interested in our unique low cost Lifetime Maintenance Plan which includes full servicing and MOT testing.
*Prices subject to change. VAT to be added to all prices.