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Introduction to Hartech Engine Rebuilds

We repair the typical Porsche engine problems of Intermediate Shaft Bearing failure (IMS), scored / scuffed cylinders, cracked cylinders / cracked liners, crank shaft bearing failure and snapped timing chains.  

The Hartech Porsche Engine Rebuild Approach -

Rather than having a set price for a replacement Porsche engine, exchange Porsche engine or a flat rate for a Porsche engine repair we tailor each re-build to the customer's requirements - at one end of the scale we have customers who only wish to carry out the bare essentials and others who wish to improve and strengthen as much as possible in a "future proofing" exercise whilst others require special features to suit racing applications.

In practice we strip the engine, assess the work needed to address the core Porsche engine problem (i.e. what it's come in for) & identify other immediate issues to establish the minimum repair cost. We then look at the broader picture and assess the areas we regard as future Porsche engine weak spots to provide further recommendations to strengthen & re-fresh other key areas. The customer then chooses how far they want to go taking into account their budget and future plans. Our typical recommendations cover Porsche IMS bearing failure (Porsche intermediate shaft bearing), Porsche cylinder scoring (996 cylinder scoring, 997 cylinder scoring & Cayman S cylinder scoring), Porsche cracked cylinder (Porsche cracked liner), Porsche crank shaft bearing failure (Porsche big end failure / Porsche main bearing failure), Porsche timing chain failure prevention.

*NEW* We can now offer exchange intermediate shafts with larger stronger bearings.

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